2. März 2010


Reunited in summer 2007 after long time no see, Flopo and Greg quickly discovered that they were chosen to start a new decade of rock n roll. A lot of boozy weekends followed with a result: KICKSTART

Some of there best friends joined and completed this new band.
. Axl Buchannon grabbed his dusty bass guitar.
. Mic Palmer oiled his voice and took the microphone.
. Maxi McIllroy climbed the drums.

They hide themselfs with a lot of finest whisky and beer in the rehearsal room. A lot of new songs about drugs, beer, girls and hot cars followed.
But Greg left the band after one year of existence and Till filled his position without gap.

These five dudes without the slightest interest in contemporary style concerning music, fashion and behavior, are back…hotter and more hungry for new shows.

But it is easier to describe these dudes with the following sentences:
. Outfits that would bring tears to Joe Perry’s eyes
. Lyrics that could’ve been written by Duff in his alcoholic days
. Melodies that catapult you on the Route 66, drivin ZZ Top’s Hot Rod




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